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About Us
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At Swish Clean, our extensive end of tenancy cleaning service ensures that the property your previous tenant vacated looks as good as it did when they moved in. 


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Swish Clean are the UKs only company to offer the Landlord Through the Lens program, helping to prevent deposit disputes in the future.

Swish Clean has been created by a team of individuals with knowledge of the industry, culminating from many years of experience across property management & cleaning contracting.

With extensive knowledge of marketing Swish Clean has been developed inline with many of the changes that have developed in recent years within the property letting sector.

Swish Clean are well aware of the requirements for inventory checks and our extensive End of Tenancy Cleaning checklist reflects the cleanliness standards required by letting agents, property managers and landlords. Our extensive national network of certified accredited teams will never work against the clock, they will only leave the property once it has met our Swish Clean standard.

 Swish Clean are always looking at ways to help agents and landlords. With our live operatives available 6 days a week, Swish Clean allocates our clients dedicated account managers, giving comfort of having someone you can call on whenever you have any needs.

We are very proud to be the only company that offer our clients the landlord through the lens program inclusive at no additional cost. Your property clean will be filmed from the moment our teams enter your property on our HD body cams. Before the clean starts a team member will walk through each area of the property from entrance halls, hallways living rooms, dining rooms kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms etc, showing a 360 degrees view of each room and records any scratches, scuffs, marks in any part of the interior or carpets and are pointed out prior to the team starting the clean.

Landlord Through The Lens gives complete transparency and a clear record to give all parties of exactly the condition of the property prior to the clean and a clear record of how the property is handed back ready for your next tenant.

Each company that utilises Swish Clean are given a dedicated login that allows you to view the video through our portal and is stored for three years and backed up securely to our servers

Swish Clean continuously are working to find solutions that give agents, landlords and tenants greater protection.

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Our Cleaning Charter Check List

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All our end of tenancy cleaning come with a FREE standard oven clean. There is an additional cost for chemical cleans and on any oven clean above standard size. Swish Clean also offers carpet cleaning which we are able to quote on your property with or without carpet cleaning.

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