​​​​Landlord Through The Lens

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Landlord Through The Lens
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The first UK cleaning company to film and record the entire end of tenancy cleaning process, helping to minimise deposit disputes.
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Have you rented a property only for the tenant to leave without cleaning to the standard that you handed over the property at the beginning of the tenancy?

Swish Clean have introduced the Landlord Through The Lens program.

At the end of a tenancy the tenant may have cleaned the property themselves or hired an independent cleaner to give the property a normal daily clean. However the cleaning is not usually to the level required to hand the property back to the agent to remarket, or for a new tenant to move in.

At Swish Clean we deliver not only a deep clean that brings your property back to the condition required, we also film the complete process from start to finish as our staff are equipped by wearing HD Body Cams and record the complete process from the moment we enter your property to the moment we leave however long the clean takes 4 , 6 or even 8 hours.

With the Landlord Through The Lens we document everything and everywhere in your property as it is cleaned as per our cleaning charter, so that you see every area ensuring that you know exactly how your property is handed over to the next tenant, and then your HD video is uploaded to our servers allowing you to view your clean if at any point you need to refer to your properties condition to show any parties that enter into a dispute related to the properties condition.

TDS data shows us that damage, cleaning and redecoration are the most common reasons given for a tenancy deposit dispute, where in 2014-15 cleaning accounted for 58% of cases and 52% in damages.

Furthermore, in 2015 adjudications leapt by 11% year on year and over the last 5 years adjudications have jumped by a massive 36%!
The average dispute between tenants and landlords takes up to 3 months. this alone is a very costly and time consuming process that agents and letting staff go through.

As a landlord, agent or property manager each time you have the property cleaned prior to new tenants or after they leave at the end of the tenancy, we store your film for three years so you have a continuous records at hand.

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Landlord through the lens
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End of tenancy cleaning services with our unique
Landlord Through The Lens program gives complete transparancy
and a clear record to give all parties of exactly the condition
of the property prior to the clean, offering estate agents, landlords and tenants
a guaranteed level of service, which helps prevent deposit disputes.
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Freephone: 0330 1137333
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